Insurance for clubs

Insurance for clubs

Insurance for clubs
As a membership benefit, with no extra fee, the Association offers its member clubs voluntary work insurance, liability insurance for club activities and youth insurance. These insurance types apply to all member clubs of the Association without separate costs.

Insurance is provided by the Finnish branch of If P&C Insurance Ltd (publ). 
If Customer Service, Insurance & Damage
010 19 19 19  (Mon–Fri 8.00 am–8.00 pm, Sat–Sun 10.00 am–4.00 pm).

Safe at voluntary work

The voluntary work insurance offered by the Finnish Hunters’ Association is a membership benefit available to members at no additional fee. It covers voluntary work done by member districts and clubs, as well as other unpaid work, such as projects to establish fields growing feed for game animals or projects to construct towers, and persons who have participated in unpaid work during the Metso youth camps and the Association’s game shooting competitions. Accidents that have occurred during trips directly associated with the voluntary work projects are also covered.

The personal injuries sustained by volunteers involved in the above activities are compensated as follows:

  • Treatment costs per accident up to €3,000 (no deductible)
  • €10,000 for permanent damage caused by an accident
  • €3,000 for death caused by an accident

The insurance covers accidents. An accident is a sudden, unforeseen external event that occurs unintentionally and causes bodily injury.

Note! The insurance applies to members who the club has reported as members of the Association. Check that your up-to-date information is in the membership register.

Read the detailed terms and conditions of voluntary work insurance on If’s website.