A strong mover

A strong mover

Hunting with a dog
The Finnish Hunters’ Association looks after the interests of the Finnish hunter. Acting both domestically and at EU level, the Association interacts closely with the authorities and communities that influence hunting.

Worldwide mainstream trends constantly open up new opportunities for promoting hunting. The importance of healthy and clean food, the sustainable use of natural resources, and respect for nature and human wellbeing, as opposed to urbanization, are strong positive trends in terms of hunting. We in the Finnish Hunters’ Association are actively involved in mapping out the future of hunting both in Finland and at EU level. 

Advocacy in Finland 

The goal of advocacy is to be part of the decision-making process already when issues are prepared. It is equally important to promote hunting initiatives and to listen to the needs of the members. The Finnish Hunters’ Association develops and maintains the solid expertise of the Finnish hunter. As experts, we emphasize constructive and active stakeholder cooperation and regular contacts with decision-makers and stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Natural Resources Institute Finland and the Finnish Wildlife Agency. Our aim is to develop cooperation also with other nature conservation organizations, as well as with the police and the Finnish Border Guard. 

Advocacy in the Nordic countries: together we are stronger 

The Finnish Hunters' Association is also a regular participant in international advocacy. It is an active member of the Nordic Hunters’ Alliance (NHA). Among the NHA member countries, we strive both to promote issues that are important to all Nordic hunters and to jointly influence decisions concerning hunting. 

Lobbying at EU level

Most new laws come via the EU and need to be influenced already at the planning stage.
The Finnish Hunters’ Association represents Finland in the European Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation (FACE) within the EU. Representatives of the Finnish Hunters’ Association attend the annual Spring FACE Members’ Meeting and Autumn General Assembly, as well as the meetings of various expert working groups. Through FACE, the Finnish Hunters’ Association actively seeks to influence EU decisions on matters concerning Finnish and Nordic hunters. By way of FACE, the Association maintains active contacts with MEPs, the Commission, the Council and other lobbying organizations. 

Together we are stronger.