Values important to us

Values important to us

Girl feeding the game
The values of the Finnish Hunters’ Association are the conscience and guideline of our activities. They mark the way for our daily activities and pass on important operating principles to new enthusiasts.


Respect for nature

  • Sustainable use
  • Biodiversity
  • Support for game and wildlife management

Our heart beats in time with nature. We are an organization that respects nature: our activities take account of the sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity. Each hunter can contribute to game and wildlife management, for example by participating in the assessment and management of populations and the control of invasive species.


  • Ethics
  • Safety
  • Continuity

Responsibility is our visiting card. We promote ethical and safe hunting. For example, hunting training and competitions aim at accurate game shots. Hunting dogs are part of a responsible hunting culture. Continuing the diverse Finnish hunting culture is of prime importance to us.


  • Parity
  • Equality
  • Acting together

We have the right attitude. We implement equality and parity in all our activities. We want to be an interest organization for all hunters and to involve everyone in our activities. Hunting has many impacts on wellbeing. Roaming in nature and acting together improve physical and mental wellbeing.


  • Training
  • Competence
  • Cooperation

We take a professional approach to issues. We are a hunting expert and a sought-after partner that raises the skills of our entire membership by means of training and dissemination of information.

Fostering a wilderness culture

  • Know-how of field sports
  • Finnish hunting culture
  • Exploitation of game

We share a passion. Fostering the Finnish wildlife culture, diverse hunting techniques and field sports traditions constitute the core of our activities. We catch game for useful purposes: food, fur and skins.