Hunters in winter wonderland
The membership of the Finnish Hunters’ Association is made up of districts, which comprise hunting clubs with their members and the individual members of the districts. The Association’s office is located in Riihimäki.

The most important decisions are made by the General Assembly

The Association’s highest decision-making power is vested in the General Assembly, which meets twice a year. Each district may send two representatives to the General Assembly. The number of votes in their proxies is based on the number of members in their districts. The General Assembly approves the financial statements and the annual report, as well as the budget and the action plan for the coming year. The General Assembly also appoints the Association’s Board.

The Association’s Board implements the decisions made by the General Assembly

The Association’s Board manages the Association’s property, decides on the staff to be hired, and supports the activities of the District Boards. The Association’s Board comprises a chairman, a vice chairman and 16 members, plus their deputies.

The districts manage local activities

The Finnish Hunters’ Association has 16 districts, which cover the whole country except the Åland Islands. The districts are independent, registered associations committed to the Association’s principles. Each district has an Executive Director and a District Board.