Elk fillet mignon and roasted bone marrow

Elk fillet mignon and roasted bone marrow

Elk fillet mignon and roasted bone marrow
Elk fillet mignon melts in your mouth. Oven-roasted beetroots and forest mushroom sauce crown this rustic meal.


  • 1                    elk fillet mignon
  • 1 kg               elk shanks
  • 4 pcs              beetroots
  • 2 dl                sea salt
  • 5 dl                forest mushrooms
  • 3 to 4 dl          dark sauce base
  • rosemary
  • salt
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • butter
  • garlic to taste


Start with the shanks. Cut the bones into 8 cm pieces.

Roast them for 20 minutes in a 180 °C oven and remove the bone marrow. Let the bone marrow cool down.

Steep the bones in the sauce base for 1 hour on medium-low to low heat.

Strain the bones from the sauce. Add the roasted bone marrow to the sauce.

Place the beetroot in an oven dish with plenty of sea salt on the bottom. Cook the beetroots in a 180 °C oven for 1 hour. You can also roast them on open fire, which gives the beetroot a nice smokey flavour.

Peel the roasted beetroot and halve them.

Remove the membranes from the elk fillet mignon and cut it into fillet steaks.

Cook the meat in plenty of butter with rosemary and garlic. Fry the fillets on both sides so that they get a good, even roasted colour on each sides. Season the fillets with salt and freshly ground black pepper. After cooking the meat, let it rest for 10 minutes under a cloth in a warm place.

In the meantime, fry the beetroots in butter on the pan. Cook the mushrooms in butter as well, and season them with salt and black pepper.

Cut the fillet into bite-sized pieces for serving. The elk fillet should be juicy and red on the inside.