Hallinnoi metsästysvuokrasopimuksia helposti sähköisesti

Hallinnoi metsästysvuokrasopimuksia helposti sähköisesti

Reviiri is a convenient system for managing the hunting club’s leases.

The hunting area management system Reviiri, implemented jointly by Belectro and the Finnish Hunters’ Association, facilitates the preparation and management of hunting leases and provides members with a real-time map of the areas.

Clearly cheaper for members

Licence fee for the member clubs of the Hunters’ Association €49/year (€119 for others). Reviiri’s membership fee is waived for the Association’s member clubs (for others it is €10/year).

A more accurate price calculator is available here.

Reviiri’s homepage can be accessed at www.reviiri.org .

Reviiri webinar (in Finnish)

Ota yhteyttä

Reviiri-järjestelmä / Tracker Oy

asiakaspalvelu 0600 192 192 (1.98 €/min+mpm)