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Notify wolf damage without delay

03.10.2022 14:18

Statistics show that in the first half of the 2000s, 20–40 dogs were lost to large carnivores each year. Roughly half of the incidents where wolves hurt or killed dogs happened in hunting situations and the other were incidents where a wolf snatched a dog from its home yard.

Damages caused to agriculture and forestry are compensated for from State funds within the limits of the State budget, in accordance with the Game Animal Damages Act.

If the dog killed by a large carnivore, the owner may seek compensation from the state. The dog's insured value is determined by its acquisition price as a puppy and factors that might add to the value, such as training, different character and health tests and dog show results.

The damage must be notified without delay to enable the assessment of the damage and other measures required by the matter.