10 reasons to become a member

10 reasons to become a member

Young man with a rifle
Being a member is useful in many ways, and the reasonably priced membership fee quickly pays for itself.


Benefits for the club

1. Gratuitous voluntary work insurance, liability insurance for club activities and youth insurance.
2. The online membership register and centralized invoicing of membership fees make it easier for persons in a position of trust to work and manage the membership information.
3. Counselling services, training and materials facilitate club activities and youth work.
4. The Reviiri system for managing land lease agreements at a low membership price.
5. Up-to-date information on topics such as advocacy and upcoming amendments to the Hunting Act.

Benefits for club members and individual members

6. Jahti magazine for members of the Finnish Hunters' Association, published four times a year. 
7. A membership card entitling the holder to numerous benefits and discounts offered by our partners.
8. Affordable participation in all training events organized by the Finnish Hunters’ Association and the districts.
9. As a member, you can also participate in game shooting competitions.
10. Through your membership, you promote and look after the interests of your hunting hobby.